The UberPITCH Winners Drive to ArabNet Digital Summit

ArabNet Team, May 24 2016

For the second consecutive year, Uber and ArabNet teamed up to give entrepreneurs the chance to pitch their startups to investors on the go, and showcase them at the upcoming ArabNet Digital Summit in Dubai.

If you missed it, the #UberPITCH event was bigger than ever, with over 300 hopeful entrepreneurs from 11 MENA cities hoping to find investors or get connected to potential partners!

Across Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the UAE, 25 Uber cars drove the entrepreneurs and judges for 7-minute pitches, followed by 7 minutes of feedback!

Throughout the event, entrepreneurs and bloggers flooded social media feeds with updates and videos of their pitches.

The 12 winning startups will all be featured in the Digital Showcase at the ArabNet Digital Summit. This will give them the unique opportunity to present on the main stage in front of a high-caliber digital crowd. They will also benefit from prime exhibition space and countless networking possibilities including 1-on-1 meetings with industry leaders during the Matchup.

And now, meet the finalists: (Dammam, Saudi Arabia)

BEUOOT is a real estate search engine created to ease the process of house hunting. The platform offers users an accessible experience to the properties by providing detailed images of the villas and apartments for sale in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, along with geographical information of the best local services near the desired property.

-BuzzMe (Dubai, UAE)

BuzzMe combines the latest technology with good old fashioned networking. BuzzMe enables the use of Geotechnology with indication of personal interests and profession to find people in the vicinity who share the same passion or interest.

-Curly Methods (Amman, Jordan)

Curly Methods is an app development platform to drastically speed up iOS and Android app development. The tool supports the team to develop apps a lot faster than other companies or freelancers giving them a competitive edge in the market.

-FishTransporter (Manama, Bahrain)

Seafood lovers can order seafood online, via a mobile app, or through a hotline. Users can order raw fish, cleaned and cut, or cooked in traditional Bahraini style. Fish Transporter also offers a money-back guarantee as well as a complimentary order for any unsatisfied customers.

-FullSir (Dubai, UAE)

FullSir is an app that provides gasoline delivery service. Instead of going around town, trying to find the nearest gas station, drivers can pinpoint their location on a map and order gas delivered within a certain window of time. A truck arrives and a trained driver fills the tank.

-MapNumbers (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)

MapNumbers is an app that converts any address in a 12-digit number. Instead of endlessly trying to give directions to friends or delivery services, users can simply give out a number. The number is entered into the app, and users can simply follow directions on their smartphone.

-Moneyfellows (Cairo, Egypt)

MoneyFellows is a web and mobile based platform that enables people to access interest free credit and reach better saving achievements powered by a user's personal network. This is done through digitizing the traditional offline rotating saving and credit association model (ROSCA) – a form of peer-to-peer banking, known as Gam3eya in the Arab world.

-mRescue.ME (Alexandria, Egypt)

Rescue.ME uses wearable technology to monitor patients with serious health problems who are considered to be at high risk. The devices record and send patient’s bio-metrics which are processed in real-time on the Rescue.ME cloud that has a set of pre-defined panic patterns. Whenever a patient’s data falls within one of those patterns, the server will try to contact his doctor, and a short list of friends or relatives.

-Smartable (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) 

SmartAble resolves the stigmas surrounding educational counseling and guidance within Saudi Arabia and the region by gamifying the High School and College education and guidance approach. Current statistics suggest 50%-75% of the Saudi student population change academic or career paths at least once. SmartAble helps focus their academic endeavors and goals to best match their career interests and job prospects.

-The WallGames (Casablanca, Morocco)

TheWallGames is a video game development studio based in Casablanca, Morocco. They aim to create creative and quality games for mobile that target the MENA region. The team is composed of professional game developers in console and mobile gaming who have worked on award-winning projects such as Rayman Legends, Just Dance 2014, and CSI: Hidden Crimes.

-WakeCap Technology (Doha, Qatar)

WakeCap serves as a solution for contractors to lower the risk of accidents caused by fatigue and drowsiness. The hard hat model monitors the user’s alert state by processing brain signals and keeps a log of it to be viewed by the management in real time. It can also alert the user and the manager in case of drowsiness.

-Wakilni (Beirut, Lebanon)

Wakilni is a helping hand that you delegate your errands to. Use it to take care of your deliveries, pick-ups and to support you in just about any transaction you need to take care of. Use it to save yourself time and hassle. Wakilni is a smart, reliable service that promises to free up your mental brain power – it is the closest you’ll ever get to buying time, use it wisely!

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This is only the beginning, stay tuned for more updates on the progress of these promising startups.



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