UK Lebanon Tech Hub launches Venture Building Program ‘The Nucleus’

Lynn Bizri, May 09 2017

The UK Lebanon Tech Hub is launching The Nucleus, a  program aimed at building ventures with idea-stage and early stage startups to get them to a marketable product in 3 months. Applications open on April 18th and will be closing on May 27th.

The two major challenges faced by individuals aiming to start a business or turn their ideas into ventures are their need for specific business or technical expertise, and professional guidance to transform their idea into an actual product.

This is why UK Lebanon Tech Hub came up with a totally new model: they’re giving $50k funding in cash and services for up to 5% equity.

Benefits of Joining The Nucleus

With this funding, companies benefit from:

- A core tech team dedicated to working hand-in-hand with individuals/teams and startups to turn their ideas or MVPs into a marketable product

- C-Level Advisory Teams dedicated to focus on the startups’ business models, commercialization, legalities and potential for investment

- Product Development Workshops and Training Modules focused on business and technical needs

- Monthly board meetings where KPIs are set and objectives monitored

- Internal guidance with our sector experts and mentors

- Free office space at the UK Lebanon Tech Hub

Application and Selection Process

Apply here for The Nucleus.

The selection process takes place in 3 phases. During Phase 1, the judging committee will review the applications and narrow them down to around 30. These 30 companies will then take part in a week-long product development workshop which will further narrow down the number to around 10. The final 10 will then undertake the full program.



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