UX/UI Terms: Slaying the Jargon Dragon

Nadine Kahaleh , May 16 2017

Lord of the Rings fans, remember Bilbo Baggins? The burglar who defeated Smaug the Dragon, and seized the Arkenstone. For those of you who don’t know Bilbo’s story, I’m sure you’re familiar with the treasure-guarded-by-a -malevolent-dragon plotline. 


If you’re wondering why the story of the dragon is relevant in this context, wonder no more. Cutting through a new field’s jargon can feel exactly like having to bring the dragon to its demise – okay, so to speak!

UX/UI has been a very prominent topic lately, especially in optimizing the user’s online journey and making it seamless, accessible, and enjoyable. Understanding the lingo of the field is half the job of understanding the field itself. So, if you’re a UX/UI noob looking to slay the jargon dragon, here’s a glossary of the most common terms used in UX/UI!  (We’ll be sorting the terms by alphabetical order)




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