Vote For Your Favorite Startup or Idea in Kuwait LIVE

ArabNet Team, Oct 04 2016

ArabNet Kuwait has kicked off!

Not only are we thrilled for this conference, but also we are also excited for the great Startup Demo Finalists and Ideathon Finalists. You now have the opportunity to choose the finalists pitching in the competitions today to win the People’s Choice Award.

If you have a favorite Startup finalist or a favorite Demo finalist, you can vote for her/him to win the People’s Choice Award.

You can watch the pitches via live stream. Voting starts at 11:45 am after all the finalists pitch on stage and ends tomorrow at 3pm.

Here are the finalists:

Startup Demo Finalists

  • Ahmad Al-Benali from Pricinity (Kuwait), a search engine for products, prices and stores throughout Kuwait and the region.
  • Abdulla AlKhenji from Meddy (Qatar), which helps people find best doctors based on patient reviews and credentials.
  • Kamel Kabbani from SoukDesigner (Lebanon), an online platform that enables people to sell products in their personalised online store easily and economically.
  • Noor Al Sulaiti from Snaapy (Kuwait), a market place for services focused on providing small businesses with growth tools.
  • Athbi Al-Enezi from Masbagti (Kuwait), Kuwait's first laundry market place available on your phone.
  • Bahaa Abdel Latif from iOmra (Egypt), which enables people to delegate others to do Omras for them without the need to go to Mecca in person to do the pilgrimage.

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Ideathon Finalists

  • Mohammad Innes Shaheen from Temps-on (Egypt), the quick and effective way to find temporary qualified staff urgently for your service in the health and educational sector using a safe and transparent platform.
  • Jaffer Mohamad Mahdi from My Spot (Kuwait), is a platform to connect people who need parking spaces to people who are willing to rent some out.
  • Ryan Abdullah from Share Life (Kuwait), which provides a personalized solution for refugee education, socialization and employment.
  • Oday Samad from Speetrol (Kuwait), which is a safety app.

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