What Fantastic Bosses Do to Inspire

Bayt.com, Contributor, Apr 18 2017

Being a boss is hard, especially considering that most people don’t wish to have one. On the other hand, good bosses are the organization’s life force as they keep the company going.  More than eight in 10 working professionals (82.1%) agree that their relationship with their managers affects their happiness at work, according to the Bayt.com Poll: Relationships between Employees and Managers in the Middle East.

There are many facets which can make a great manager. If you’re looking to become a boss or are already a boss, this article explains what great ones do to inspire others.

They are all inclusive
Great bosses know the strengths and weaknesses of their team. They allocate projects based on these traits. If necessary they fill in the gaps through training and development. As such, they don’t exclude anyone or show favoritism. 82.7% of working professionals say that their manager always encourages them to work on challenging tasks.

They listen
Good bosses don’t go on spouting orders around all the time without letting their subordinates speak. They take the time out to listen to their woes. Listening, in this case, doesn’t involve taking the problems in from one ear and throwing it out of the other. They actually consider the employee’s point of view and empathize with them. In fact, 74.6% of working professionals say that their managers have an open communication policy with them.

They are positive
Bosses who are positive and optimistic are looked up to rather than those who are downright pessimists. Positivity enhances positivity and creates a great work environment. If the leader is happy and encourages others to smile, naturally the team will become more productive.

They ensure accountability
Good bosses ensure that employees are held responsible for their roles and actions in the company. It’s their duty to communicate goals effectively and efficiently so that every employee will know what tasks they have to complete and the standard at which they have to complete it.

They run effective meetings
Everyone knows the value of good meetings. Great bosses know how to conduct a meeting effectively, by always having an objective and an agenda in place for every meeting, allotting a clear plan of action at the end of the meeting, and giving timelines to everyone present.

They praise and show gratitude
Bosses who inspire reprimand in private and praise in public. Employees would be deeply humiliated if criticized in public and would probably speak behind their boss’s back. On the other hand, if rewarded in front of their colleagues, employees will feel really worthy and shine!

They help employees grow
Bosses who keep in mind the career progress and path of their employees are valued in turn. Inspiring bosses genuinely care about where their teams are headed and recognize who can be further developed to become a leader. They ensure everyone gets the training and development required. 71.4% of working professionals say that their direct manager has been extremely important in their overall career success.

They take feedback properly
Being a boss isn’t a one-way street. Bosses who take feedback in a good manner and work on improving themselves are much more appreciated than those who don’t. Bosses must always work on taking in any pointers to improve and grow.

They lead by example
If your boss expects you to be on time, shouldn’t you expect the same? Or if there is a specific way to do a particular task, it’s imperative for your superior to follow your command. Amazing bosses do just that, they lead by example and always practice what they preach.

They have a sense of purpose
Great bosses live by the mission and vision of the company. They know the values of the company and always abide by them no matter what. They inspire others to do the same as well.  





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