What to Expect at the AdPulse Workshops at ArabNet

ArabNet Team, Feb 01 2018

AdPulse is a series of workshops on advertising disruption which will examine the latest trends in marketing and advertising, as it will focus on re-inventing the ad business. The opening panel and workshops will take place during the ArabNet Beirut conference on February 22, in collaboration with ArabAd.

So how will advertising agencies evolve and ensure they continue to act in the best interests of their clients, the brands? A panel discussion will take place with leading figures from the worlds of advertising, media and brands to discuss the future of agencies.

The most pressing questions about the future of advertising and marketing along with the huge disruption the Communication industry is facing will be examined, and three workshops will take place where each one will help advertising agencies evolve in compliance with the interests of their clients.

Here is a brief overview of each of the workshops:

Workshop 1: Content Strategy
Whether you’re an agency working with clients, or an in-house team working with others around your organization, getting people onboard with producing content is challenging. The Content Strategyworkshop will change that by helping you get your team on track, build new skills, and prioritize projects.

The Content Strategy course equips marketers with practical knowledge and skills to build successful content strategies. Delegates will explore objective-setting and measurement, brainstorming and ideation, creative format and channel choices, and tactics for disseminating content. The course has a practical emphasis, with tips on tools, techniques and working models to build successful content strategies.

During the workshop, attendees will gain clarity, focus, and enthusiasm—and most of all, leave with achievable, specific next steps.

Workshop 2: Integrated Communications for Strategic Outcomes
Integration has become an essential concept in marketing and communications especially with the rapid developments of new media and social media together with the improvements of traditional media. With increased competition, marketers are looking for ways to improve the overall cost-effectiveness of their communications programs by carefully evaluating, selecting and integrating appropriate tools to maximize their marketing budgets.

This workshop will help you design and deliver an integrated, multi-channel marketing approach. Whilst the emphasis is on digital marketing, this practical workshop is designed to help you create an effective IMC with traditional tools and techniques with a view to achieving synergy and an overall better experience for your customers. You will get to develop an integrated communications strategy and how to best leverage it through the social channels.

Workshop 3: Ephemeral Content Marketing
In today’s digital environment, good content should be all about reaching and serving the right audiences. Ephemeral Content marketing is becoming more and more prominent in the digital marketing landscape. Marketers face a huge opportunity to reach a young, progressive audience by going beyond traditional marketing with more ephemeral content.

This workshop is designed to provide you with best-in-class marketing content on ephemeral platforms and all the exciting opportunities for using cutting-edge content to build meaningful relationships with consumers.

For more information, a preliminary agenda can be found here


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