When Luxury Finally Met Digital Marketing: Part 3

Alejandro Fischer, Contributor, Jul 29 2016

This is the third in a three-part series that highlights luxury brands’ entry to the digital arena. This article was originally published in our Spring 2016 issue.

Strategies for MENA Brands to Succeed in Digital Marketing

While not all brands have the passionate audiences or best-in-class content that luxury brands enjoy, we can all learn from their organic marketing approach in a digital world dominated by millennial consumers:

1. Localize brand platforms: Platforms that address Middle East consumers – particularly millennials – are still few and far apart. Speaking in the luxury consumer's language is key, bearing in mind that the brand's website has the biggest impact on purchase after the boutique experience.  

2. Offer more than in-store options: With e-commerce at the brand level looming on the horizon, luxury marketers need to ensure that they address Middle East luxury shoppers’ priorities, giving them the tools to customize and access unique pieces, not available on ground.

3. Capitalize on data: Capturing data across channels should also be a priority, allowing granular audience targeting through programmatic advertising.

4. Be always-on: Always-on campaigns, particularly search engine marketing, are rare. By not defending their territory, brands are losing their hard-earned brand equity and effectively allowing third parties to benefit at their expense.

5. Ride the wave of luxury content explosion: To take advantage of the luxury content explosion, we still need to see best in class examples of native advertising (to maximize discoverability).

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