Who Wants to be an Angel?

ArabNet Team, Apr 05 2017

The 3rd Annual Angel Rising Investor Education Symposium will take place on Saturday 13th May at the NYUAD Saadiyat Campus in Abu Dhabi. Organized by startAD and VentureSouq, the annual symposium will gather the investor community, empower new angel investors, and strengthen the potential of angel investment in creating a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem in the UAE. Angel Rising provides education sessions on key topics related to angel investing ultimately enabling and inspiring more investors to fuel greater innovation in the UAE. 

The development of a broad, sophisticated class of investors is a necessity in a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem, and can be a critical part of the desired solution for the MENA region. In order for a startup ecosystem to flourish, the investor base needs to mature and evolve with the entrepreneur base. 

This year's symposium explores ‘Global vs. Local Investing Perspectives’ and brings together renowned local and global experts including Omar Christidis - CEO & Founder, ArabNet, Angela Strange - Partner, Andreessen Horowitz and Jeff Lynn, Founder and CEO of Seedrs. 

AR Poster - Meet the speakers

Angel Rising will feature a panel discussion on ‘The Investing Food Chain’, a Data Deep Dive on the State of Investments in MENA, How Fintech as Enabled Angel Investing, Investment Strategies and special spotlight session 'Impact Investing'.

Visit the website for additional details. Due to the limited seats, pre-registration is mandatory. Register here.


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