Winners Announced at GITEX 2016 Tech Week!

Lara Ballout, Oct 24 2016

Dubai-based Acacus Technologies won the Startup Champion prize of $100,000 in the GITEX Global Startup Competition. They provide fleet management solutions that enhance fleet dispatch. They were also awarded a contract for Dubai Taxi and installed in-vehicle driver cameras and sensory devices.

There were 4 prizes awarded: Best Arab Startup, Best Millennial Startup, Best Women Startup, each worth $20,000 and the Startup Champion prize of $100,000. The categories were finance, retail, healthcare, education, energy, travel and hospitality, media and marketing, transport and logistics, drones and robotics, IoT, AR, VR, and AI.

The competition was intense; entrepreneurs had the opportunity to win $160,000. Competitors each had 5 minutes to showcase their idea in front of a panel of judges. The pitches took place for 3 consecutive days and saw over 38 startups competing and convincing judges that their idea is the next big thing in technology.

Sawwagy won the Best Arab Startup prize of $20,000. It is a Saudi designed app that helps Saudi families request a pick up from private driving services. The app provides an estimated pick up time and lets you track your car in real time as they make their way to you.

Akoustic Arts won the prize for Best Woman Startup worth $20,000. This startup created the ‘A’ speaker that is described as the world’s most advanced directional speaker. It lets the user create a narrow beam of sound and directing the sound to the listener without anyone else hearing it.

EdTech Solutions won the prize for Best Millennial Startup worth $20,000. They created an educational platform called ‘Teach Me Now’. The goal is to make education accessible to everyone. It provides virtual classrooms where students can find the right teacher for them and enrich their learning experience. It is even available for people with special needs.

Some of the other pitching startups included: Faloosi, an app with a simple quick tap and go purchases using your smartphones. Genii Games Limited is a collection of mobile apps and web videos for kids to learn about the African culture in fun ways. TMMMT is an on-demand delivery app with fast delivery, any time during the day, and you can track your items. Annajah is an online platform for high school students where they can study the Moroccan school program, progress at their own pace, ask questions to professors virtually, and they can review their lessons anywhere and anytime they want.

During the Gitex Global Startup Movement, over 420 startup companies participated, coming from over 60 countries. There were over 400 entrepreneurs, 250 global and regional VCs, and investors/mentors. It is recognized as the most global weeklong startup showcase in the world. 

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