WishWash: Kuwait's Laundry & Cleaning Services

bazaar, Contributor, Feb 02 2017

“You wish, we wash!”

Technology is such a wonderful thing that’s making our daily lives easier than ever. All you really need to do these days is to download an app onto your phone, tap on a few icons and commands, and you’re sorted: Sorted with food deliveries, transport, banking, shopping and even chores! Naturally, we jump at the opportunity to save on precious time and download all the apps available to us. And as avid app users, one in particular stood out to us after we downloaded it – WishWash. A sleek and minimalist looking app, WishWash offers you a straightforward approach to selecting the service you require.

Not just a laundry service, WishWash gives you the option to request a laundry pickup or a home cleaning service! Because not everyone in Kuwait is entirely comfortable or willing to hire live-in help, WishWash provides you the opportunity to hire someone to come in for just a few hours to help you around the house! As for your laundry, WishWash lets you request a pickup or drop off within a half-hour timeframe. So if you select 4PM, you can expect the pickup between 4 and 4:30. As for getting the order back, you can request to get it back in less than 24 hours for an expedited fee.

The best part here is that you can either select one of the services as a one-off, or make it easier on yourself and subscribe for a weekly or biweekly service. This way, you needn’t worry about forgetting to request the service, they’ll show up at your doorstep automatically at the same time! Here to make your life easier, WishWash lets you pick whether your clothes are to be dry-cleaned, washed and ironed, or simply just ironed – because we all know how much of a chore ironing is. As for payments, you can request to pay cash, K-Net, or you can save your credit card details [a-la-Careem] for ease of mind!

When it comes to how you want your laundry dealt with, WishWash have you covered. You can request that all your clothes are folded, certain items are folded, sans bleach, extra starch – whatever you want really! And as opposed to dealing with several laundry services, they deal with one that’s tried and tested. This way, they’re able to control the quality and ensure flexibility when it comes to the services they offer. With email and text-based updates, you’ll always know what’s happening with the items you sent. They’re also working on new and exciting updates that we can’t wait for!

As for the home cleaning service that’ll be launching soon, you can expect hotel quality service in your own home! Training and selecting the cleaners carefully, WishWash aims to provide you the best quality available. The way it would work is simple: You just make a request for a certain number of cleaners to come in for a specified number of hours. Once your request has gone through, you can then sit back and relax, knowing that your home will be in good hands once they get there. And it doesn’t end there, stay tuned for WishWash’s new and exciting features!

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