Wrappup Acquired by Voicera

Monica Elias, Apr 18 2018

Voicera, a leader in the voice A.I. space for conference calls and meetings, has acquired the smart voice recorder for meetings Wrappup. The startup had previously raised $800K from Dubai-based investor BECO Capital.

Wrappup is a smart voice recorder that allows you to summarize your meetings and makes your meeting discussions easily searchable. It was founded on the idea of squeezing the most important information out of meetings. 

This acquisition significantly accelerates Wrappup’s journey toward delivering amazingly productive meeting experiences for their users. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Over the last few weeks, the Wrappup’s team have been hard at work rebranding as "Voicera", and integrating Voicera’s Enterprise Virtual Assistant, named Eva, into the mobile app experience, allowing Wrappup customers to use Eva in online meetings and conference calls.

Eva brings a whole new level of A.I. analytics to conversations, using an error correction engine that delivers more accurate summaries of meetings. By combining the recommended engines with Voicera's A.I., they are providing even better predictive highlights for meetings, allowing you to speak naturally and let the A.I. take the notes.



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